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October 13, 2011
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TMM: Lauren by emedeme TMM: Lauren by emedeme
EDIT: Retired character. She's happy about it and might return eventually as an npc or as a pc again, but I feel like I don't have much more to do about her story.

Lauren is a calm person most of times, focused on her weeds and her little flower

She has some talent for creation spells and kind of dislikes aggressive magic and whatever that hurts, at least generally. Basically because it hurts and then she is the one who has to clean up the mess. But well...she's changed her point of view about many things in the last year...Now she's more fond of - or at least receptive - of primal spells....and some of the possible combinations (Greased fire, anyone? :meow:)

She's unaware about most of things, or at least it looks like that, she's just VERY slow and takes her some time to understand and see things that could seem obvious... She's more the the book-worm rather the street-smart person, so it's not a good idea to let her wandering around, she tends to think everyone is nice and good people. She's a nice calm person most of times, mainly because she can be a scary rage demon if she doesn't control herself, but that's "rude" so she doesn't approve that behaviour and usually feels ashamed and guilty if she doesn't act nice

After some time applying, she finally got a permission to leave the tower to continue and develop her studies on Andraste's mantle... Her research is on a dead point and she's neglecting it. Some time ago she would have felt terribly guilty and irresponsible about this, but her group is a terrible influence. She keeps working on her garden and experiments, but she isn't on a rush for finish it anymore. The more time it takes her, the better...

Currently on a relationship with Håkan Kattergård. They successfully retrieve and destroyed her phylactery with the help of the group, so she's unofficially an apostate, since their objective is go unnoticed and stay normal until they decide to disappear.

Heart chart:


Level: 15.6

Specialization: Spirit Healer // Botanist

Master Herbalism


- Lightning.

- Heal - Rejuvenate - Regeneration

- Glyph of Paralysis - Glyph of Warding - Glyph of Repulsion - Glyph of Neutralization.

- Spell Wisp - Grease.

- Group Heal

- Flower Language (passive) - Pathfinder - Standing on my dirt (passive)


Tevinter tunic (+ healing)
"The Spoiled Herbalist" - staff that radiates cold and improves healing.
Green tinted glass dagger
Grey amber pendant + armor.
Some comfy wool clothes besides the tunic.
Leather and wooden necklace.
The green scarf.
Ring + mana
Håkan's proposal ring (+2 willpower)
Anders stone ring

Items (bacpack):>

9 gps, 83 sps 28 cps

- Satchel with several herbs and ingredients for potions and infusions(poppy seeds, cinnamon, elfroot, aconyte and some mandrake, among others)
- Healer's kit
- 16 healing poultices (self made)
- 1 basic antidote
- healing potion,
- several ointments and balms.
- Lyrium potion (4)
- Empty flasks (1)
- Vials for samples and ingredients collection (10)
- Scrolls (3) and pencil
- Needles and wool hanks.
- A little knife.
- A vial of giant spider toxin
- 4 deep mushrooms.


- Crystal frog.
- Her catalogue.
- The frog-shaped herbarium
- Pruning shears and other botanist tools.
- An interesting collection of knitted wool things...mainly scarves and vests. And some "sweater"
- Books: "1000 Magical Plants and Herbs and Where To Find Them" and "First Impressions" (also known as "Pride & Prejudice & Demons"), an "Orlesian - Fereldan" dictionary and a book on rare herbs
- Gardening gloves
- flower press

- Horse rocking toy
- Lantern with gryphon patterned paper

- flint and steel
- candles (10),
- Waterskin (3)
- Torch (2)
- Lantern (1)
- Oil pint (5)
- Sleeproll and a blanket.
- An extra sweater, change of clothes and three pairs of socks...that kind of stuff.
- 2 pickled fruits jars
- 2 weeks of travel rations (dried meat, dried fruits, roots and some dried vegetables and herbs)
- A little saucepan
- Two little tin mugs.
- A teapot

- Old robes.
- Staff for harrowed mages. (old one)
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